The Technique Advisory Panel (RSCDS) was recently been asked about The Royal Visit from Miss Milligan’s Miscellanies, with regard to Bars 17-20.  They were are of the opinion that it is not a half ladies’ chain, as depicted in the “Wee Green Book”.  The men do not move in this dance, as in the text in the most recent edition of The Miscellanies, but would dance to meet the women on the sides if it was a half ladies’ chain.
The bars should reflect the following:
Bars 17-20:          1st and 2nd women, giving right hands, cross over and, giving left hands to partners, turn halfway round on the sides. [July 2016]
This dance is not going to be included in the next edition.  Consequently, the diagram has not been amended, but one should take note of the remarks above.